‘the quiet’ property for sale sunshine coast hinterland

sunrise from the lawn

sunrise and set july 017

more home 008

amazing sunsets over the mountains

back yard

back yard

full moon 005-001

Full moon setting early morn

The heading photograph and one above were taken from the deck of ‘The Quiet’.  The quiet is only broken by the sounds of birds here! This 1.13 ha, privately owned, freehold property is in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, high up on a ridge line, that allows you to see down the Obi Valley to the town of Kenilworth in the distance, and out to the Great Divide, as far as the eye can see. Then across to the Maleny township with the very top of Mt Beerwah peeking above the distant range. The view is magnificent, a full 200 degrees of this beautiful never ending country. On the other side of the road is National Forest, amazing tall gums, remaining cedar, tree ferns, wildlife, gullies and  Gurreella falls, part of The Great Walks of Queensland .

sunrise and set july 048

veggie patch with a view sunrise

7.6.13 019

Great Divide and Obi Valley over rose garden

winter clouds and dangles 064

Bedroom pavilion on sunset showing fireplace.


showing both pavilions joined by deck, blinds and shade


garage showing solar and wind generation

front section of home

front section of home

full house 002

showing fire pit

The  property is 5.87 kilometers from the village of Mapleton, 25mins from Maleny and 10 t0 15 mins more from the beaches of Maroochydore and Coolum. Nambour is the nearest larger town with all amenities and shopping facilities (Coles, Woolworths, Aldi), Library, Hospital, clinics etc. Mapleton has an excellent Primary School and High Schools and private Colleges are available just down the range. Bus services run  to schools and to Maleny. Maleny is a thriving Community with a large locally owned IGA and Co-op stores, Woolworths, Library, Speciality Shops, Restaurants and War Memorial Hospital. Mapleton is a beautiful Hinterland Village with iconic hotel, library, eateries and speciality shops. We have a locally owned IGA at the Service Station in the town.

up the driveway

up the driveway after rain

  ‘The Quiet’ is found on a ridgeline and accessed by a wide bitumen and gravel road. 2 more kilometres of this road has been approved for bitumen in 2014/15 on Council Budget and surveying undertaken.

road home 001

road and cows 002 gravel section

driveway to the property

driveway to the property

my garden 003

my garden 007

fig tree beside home



bamboo plantings looking toward National Forest

  home4 020The property is lawned and trees and fruit trees planted to the eastern side of the property. Rain water is collected in both 5000 gallon and 23,000 gallon tanks from the home and 4 car separate garage. full house 003

home 3 gardening 079

organic garden bed

winter clouds and dangles 063

reflective window coating

The home reached a 6 star rating and is powered by a engineer designed solar and wind system which runs automatically bringing in a 6kva generator if required. Mains sourced power is available in the area at a connection cost to the owner. The home is a steel framed construction and suitable to build up! Wind rating and fire rating were applied in the design. Glass sliders open up the home to the outside and are tinted and heat resistant. The home is partly screened with all tracks in place.

day 6 008-001

lounge area

Inside the home is open plan, and fully insulated including the floor. Gas heats the upper level, while the lower bedroom has its own fireplace. This is a compact home with room for building further.

house 2 006

open plan kitchen/dining

house 2 004

low window for temp control summer and winter towards east

  house 057

house 060

second shower,toilet

house 2 001

gas oven and hotplates

7.6.13 009

main bedroom


7.6.13 007


bathr 002

ensuite through to bedroom

cool morn 007 006  

This property is surrounded by farmland and subject to rural rates. No more to pay! An amazing home to live in, rent or invest for the future. The call for tourist and wedding accommodation could be answered with a major venue a little further along the road,  Coolabine Ridge Eco Resort. and Flaxton Gardens and many other destinations close by……or simply enjoy your own piece of heaven in ‘the quiet’.    Contact: Marilyn  on 0412811286 for further information.    

lipsom cove

I decided to add another sunrise this morn. This one is forever in my minds eye as one of the most incredible places to sleep and wake. I found Lipsom Cove on a journey to pick up a bus at Streaky Bay, South Australia…….an RV mecha and another amazing spot.

.marions trip to sa 153 marions trip to sa 156

Lipsom Cove is on the Eyre Peninsular in South Australia, just north of Tumby Bay. Pull up a map and check it out. There is a wonderful RV park at Tumby Bay, very well appointed. Lipsom cove has  campsites and an airy toilet, beauty beyond touch, amazing wildlife, and, will begin your love affair with this beautiful land……if you aren’t already there!

marions trip to sa 161  Full moon that night!marions trip to sa 163 marions trip to sa 167

You need to keep a sharp eye for the small sign on the highway with its name. It is not well marked so keep an eye to the right if heading north of Tumby Bay, and of course your side heading south. I enjoyed the drive through the sheep property, but my mouth dropped at first sight of the bay. Irreplaceable!

marions trip to sa 168

For those who need a campsite, there are many, some allowing for groups to stay together. Self sufficiency is a plus. You are on the headland overlooking the beach and Lipsom Island, a nature reserve. You can walk to the island on low tide. The headland is under regeneration and now fenced after years of farming, and a history of mining copper and talc, or soapstone. But a flock of the locals joined us early in the morning, grazing happily.

marions trip to sa 163

We shared this wonderful spot with 2 others that night and I spent time after dark and before sunrise on the beach.


marions trip to sa 175

Left overs from the tide.


Sammy loved the pre dawn sojourns.

marions trip to sa 265

marions trip to sa 186

I was taken with this front moving across.

marions trip to sa 195 marions trip to sa 196 marions trip to sa 205

Dawn just got better and better.

marions trip to sa 194 marions trip to sa 209 marions trip to sa 210

marions trip to sa 237 marions trip to sa 270marions trip to sa 280





marions trip to sa 276marions trip to sa 314

Jet trail to add to the beauty. Just on dawn thousands of birds take off from the island, circle, form and begin their day.

marions trip to sa 201



Go and see Lipscom Cove on this life journey!marions trip to sa 301

Love Mirri.





another day

There is always sunshine after rain. There is always laughter after pain.
(a good friend reminds me regularly)

There is always another day!

Love and all the best for today!


i wore my slippers again

home 3 gardening 092

Half way through the project….looked down…and there they were, my Grandma slippers! Gardening in my slippers again.They were already covered in dirt and mulch so I decided to soldier on and think about the consequences later. It seems once my mind turns to the garden, I forget the little voice that whispers ……have you taken your pjs and slippers off Mirri? You see, where I live, it really doesn’t matter. Not much like that matters if you really think about it! Too much complexity in your life, then go out and get a little dirt on your slippers! Oh by the way the pants are not my pjs just my choice of ‘free expression’ clothing from the local Op Shop!

morning garden 078 my garden 009

This morning was glorious up here again. It has been this way for many mornings now, but each one is very different. This morning I woke to that warmer ‘feel and smell’ in the air, and the wind, as predicted, had turned to the South East. I am known by friends for my daily commentary on the wind direction, but when you live where I do, the wind greets you every morning with some gusto or toddles off somewhere else to keep another busy! I acknowledge its choice with thanks.

I bought two punnets from my local seedling supply stall run by a local couple starting up their block of land. The punnets are always so fresh and are numbered for you to name from the list on the wall. A great idea on saving tags. I have promised myself I will not bring plants home and not plant them straight away, as I have been know in the past by those same friends, to be ‘The Dead Plants Society’ local member. So this beautiful morn ……. in they go!

home 3 gardening 068

These are Bok Choy …… my last plant went in last night’s stir fry, and Kale ……yes Kale …the latest ‘wonder plant’. Funny how we are in need of a ‘wonder’ something! I would suggest just waking up in the morning or even walking outside. I guess some need more to amuse.

home 3 gardening 063home 3 gardening 073home 3 gardening 074home 3 gardening 084

Into the garden with slippers to keep the feet warm and my trusty sit-a-pon, to till the soil. Out with a few Comfrey plants that do a great job of mulching and breaking my clay soil and in with some good compost. Out with a few larger rocks that hide in this mountain soil! The smaller ones can stay to provide drainage, and the soil/compost mix turned over with a fork and of course, my hands. I can’t bend so all this is done from the sitting position. Then, in with the plants. I’m not too worried about spacing or mixing plants as they seem to support each other well in the small plots I cultivate. I don’t plant a lot because it often can’t be eaten, and I don’t use synthetic fertilizer or spay. A little sheep manure placed around the other veg and then a good water to kick start their day.

home 3 gardening 070home 3 gardening 082

I am glad I have realised my own physical limitations now, and I don’t aim for any more than I can do. I have been through a time of so much disappointment wanting to garden as I once did, and finding that it was all too much. Nothing was done for a long time and the garden became my enemy, growing seemingly, out of control. It was just being a garden! It made me realise, I, was my own worst enemy. ‘Little steps‘ as a good friend would say! Now I garden in ‘little patches’ for a ‘little time’ and achieve something almost every day. Thank goodness I am not tackling the gardens on House Rules this week!

home 3 gardening 075

Did I mention the supervisor …… she is always on hand to catch the rays and send them on to the plants!

home 3 gardening 085

Now for a cuppa in the sun and watch them grow! There is so much information on the super highway as to how you can do things, that you can become confused and defeated before you start. ‘Little steps’ with an ‘I can do it’ attitude are needed.

home 3 gardening 093

The newest and oldest wonder drug/food/medication is to get outside and grow.


Love Mirri





a passion for gardening shared

I am back! And yes it was the afternoon spent in yet another beautiful garden that has fed my spirit to write again.  Image

This inspiration, known as the Maleny Botanical Gardens, is the pride and passion of Frank Shipp. Frank along with his co-workers, spends so many hours creating his vision, carved into the hillside off the Maleny – Stanley River Road, not far from the village of Maleny, in the Blackall Ranges. The garden presents a patchwork of species and varieties in mass plantings, echoing colour and texture. The design has been kind to the natural lay of the land and the existing native regrowth, some 50 years since logging took cedar and hardwoods from this hill side. Frank has designed the water paths and holdings to complement the natural flow down the slope, and created waterfalls to grace the vision. Contemplation on one of the many seats surrounding the garden is invited and encouraged. You can even take tea or coffee and scones. Picnic spots take in great vistas of the gardens and the Glasshouse Mountains, and tables abound. Frank has made every effort to welcome visitors, opening the gardens up for charity events, special occasions and wedding celebrations.Image


This winter has been kind to us up here with milder temperatures and significant rainfall resulting in much growth. I almost feel cheated of my crisp winter days, but I do so love this place and am very grateful to share this part of Australia.

My daughter shared this afternoon with me and took the photos. We were greeted by some unusual characters at the door, but were so lucky to spend some time with the owner, who allowed us to experience the lower property where nature still has her say and time stands still with age. So many places yet to see on this hundred plus acre property.


The meet and greet committee!




Sculpture on the edge.




So next time you’re up this way (or make a special day), come visit these beautiful gardens. I’ve bought a season pass so I can do just that, watch the seasons paint their own pictures.


A special thank you to Frank for our ‘out there’ buggy ride to undiscovered treasures! What an afternoon we had!

maleny botanical gardens 081

ImageCheck out the website before you visit! www.malenybotanicgardens.com

Enjoy what the day holds for you.

Love Mirri

gardening on the edge


Maleny is a bustling little village in the hinterland behind the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Bustling until about 4 o’clock that is, because it’s getting ‘chippy’ (cool) as evening approaches in town. It’s winter and we have the gardening advantage here of living in a temperate climate. My thermometer was sitting on 15 degrees around six tonight! So on went the fire……warm….. and in my bedroom!

As you approach Maleny, you are greeted by oaks, liquid ambers and other deciduous trees framed in reds, oranges, yellows and brown.


Camellias in abundance contrast with whites, pinks and crimson. There is wood smoke and wooly jumpers and crisp mountain air. Hot chips in the park for Sunday lunch. All of these things I love.


Each year on the June long weekend, the local gardening club hold ‘gardening on the edge’. Six beautiful gardens full of time worn hands are celebrated with the public……that’s me…..and others of course. The local hospital auxiliary make cakes and soup and coffee and tea, and it is a treat to shout yourself before you head out to the first garden. It becomes quite a social event as you meet the same folks at the next garden and exchange a nod, hello and did you see……..! Plants are available for sale and husbands are there for moral support and to carry the bags of goodies to the car (unless they are the keen gardeners in the family). Buses are available to take your on your garden journey from Maleny High School where tickets are bought and warm food is served. May I add our top little hospital does a wonderful job and is supported by a wonderful crew. I am ever so grateful for my three month visit two three years ago.

I thought I would share a few of the gardens with you and perhaps we will see each other there next year. Enjoy!




yes snowdrops!


quite a social occasion with a local artist! Cathy LawleyImage

Rug up and do bring an umbrella just in case! See you next year.Image

Love Mirri